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Frequently Asked Questions

Improving Your Existing Web Site

Five Reasons to Improve your Web site north carolina Why improve your web site

  1. Competition
  2. Convert visitors to sales
  3. Add interactivity and applications
  4. Reorganize and update
  5. Get social
  6. Improve search engine ranking
  7. Target your local area
  8. Build an email list
  9. Go mobile
  10. Improve customer service

I already have a web site. What can you do for me?
Contact us for a free consultation if you see yourself in any of the following comments.

Content. Content. Content.
Location, location, location - the real estate mantra. Well, in our humble but experienced opinion, the key to a great Web site and the key to returning visitors is great content. People will even partially ignore a bad design and poor graphics if you provide them plenty of interesting content. Text is cheap ... you can add lots of text content to your site for relatively little money. What content would be of interest to your audience? Look at your newsletters, trade/industry publications, frequently asked questions by your customers. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Is your web site low on content or is it out of date? We can help.

Do you need new features and applications?
It's the details and functionality that make the difference. Look at your existing site. What features would you like to add? Are there new applications, database functions, etc that would help your business? Are you ready to incorporate social media, sharing applications, audio, video, etc? Let us help you add interactivity and functionality to your web site.

Does your site need a facelift or reorganization?
You've got great content and your site was the cutting edge three years ago but now it looks dated and stale. Your site started out small but has grown and grown and now the old navigation system just doesn't work well. Or maybe you just couldn't live without a flashy animation that was all the rage years ago ... now you can't stand it and your customers snicker when they visit your site. Can visitors to your site return to your home page without using the back buttons on their browser? These are just a few examples of problems/imperfections that warrant a redesign of your site. And often, a total redesign is not necessary but just a touch-up and reorganization. We can help.

Do your graphics and applications need a diet?
How long does it take for your site to fully load? Do visitors click off your site without viewing the content because they are tired of waiting for the graphics or applications to load? You may not think this matters any more with high speed internet connections, but consider this. Many people are accessing your site through their cell phones. That lightning fast download you are seeing on your desktop is not what cell phone browsers are experiencing. Years ago, when the Internet was in its infancy, users were so wowed by the possibilities that they were also wowed by flashy graphics. Older database applications can be slow as well. Now, most users surf for content ... they know what they want and they want it now. Let us help us optimize your site for performance.

take our surveyA word on graphics ... tastes differ and many clients like expressive graphics. (We work for you ... so you get to choose.) But, we recommend that graphics be used to project the company's image, aid navigation, and accent your site. They should not be a deterrent to your site's load time and its content nor should they be the focus (unless graphics/art are your business).

A word on application development ... we are very careful to only open source software that is widely used in the public domain. Technology is changing rapidly and what is in one moment may be out the next. You want your site to be easy to maintain, durable over time and portable.

Are you ready for e-commerce or e-business?
E-commerce, e-business ... no longer just buzz words. Say e-commerce and what comes to mind? Amazon.com, EBay, etc. A few years ago, most Web sites were simply online "brochures". Now, the Web is a critical marketing tool and e-commerce/e-business is so much more. E-business encompasses all the ways that a company can use its web site to run their business ... to improve communication, distribution, customer support, marketing, etc. And often e-business is also about reducing costs (e.g. reducing mailings of catalogs) or improving productivity (e.g. applications and content aimed at sales force support) than direct sales. Because of our deep background in business, sometimes we can see and offer things that you may not have even considered. Contact us for a free consultation and let's review your site together.

We can help you improve or redesign your site. We can help you develop applications and online solutions to reduce costs and improve productivity. We can help you do e-commerce/e-business and develop applications to support your business.