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Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining and Updating Your Web Site

Five Reasons to let us maintain and update your Web site winston-salem outer banks nc Why use us

  1. We do it right the first time
  2. We're fast and cost-effective
  3. We're experienced
  4. No long term contracts
  5. Content management system option

My web developer is slow to make updates. Can you help?
We know how frustrating it can be waiting for your website provider to update your website or even return your call! At Web Design Carolinas we are dedicated to giving you fast service at affordable prices.

Quick turnaround ... most edits completed same business day. No long term contracts. You pay only for the edits you need. So if you have an existing website, try us and see the difference.

We have more than 15 years of experience in maintaining web sites. We complete most website updates within 24 hours. When you call us, you'll speak to a person who does this all the time and knows your web site inside and out. No website updates are posted without being thoroughly proofread and tested. You can rest assured that all changes will be made correctly, the first time.

take our survey Just email us or call us to send in your changes. We're located in North Carolina. When you call us to update your website, you'll speak with a college-educated native English speaking business professional.

Can I maintain and update my web site?
Yes, you can. We do not use proprietary software so you can easily do your own updates with a basic knowledge of HTML and a text editor. We can also implement a content management system for you. However, over 90% of our clients choose to have us update and maintain their web sites. For most sites, we are nearly always a more cost effective and accurate solution than in-house alternatives or the additional cost of a content management system. We require no long term maintenance contracts, we bill in 30 minute increments and you pay only for the updates you need.

Consider the learning curve ... we can do in ten minutes what might take an employee all day. Even with content management systems, there is a learning curve. You also need to carefully consider the frequency and areas of your site that you will need to update. Realistically weigh the cost of a content management system against our pay as you go maintenance. Also consider the image of your company. Even with a content management system there is a risk that an employee will post content with typos or other errors that are not caught until it is too late. If we have a question about something, we will clarify it with you.

How do you charge for web site maintenance and updates?
We do not require maintenance contracts or monthly/quarterly minimums. When you need an update, you just contact us and we complete most requests within 24 hours. We will bill you in thirty minute increments for our time and we send out invoices monthly. No overhead, no salaries, no hassle, no need to train and no contracts for services you may not need.